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Principal’s Message  

My Dear Kids,

Learning is a never-ending process. This is why we can never say that the date for learning has expired for us. In fact quest for learning begins right from the first day and continues till the last moment. Each day is like a new chapter, full of wonderful ideas. Life gives us ample opportunities.

It solely depends on us how we approach them. Our efforts in the right direction are most often rewarded. But sometimes things don’t turn up to our expectations. Don’t lose your heart. Always remember, “Nothing is permanent in this world”, so is failure. Keep trying. Every child is genuinely gifted and talented. The only thing is that s/he must explore the hidden talent and bring it to the foreground.

A child who has never participated in any activities will never feel the taste of victory or defeat. Your participation is more important than winning or losing. You are a vibrant, agile and charismatic person. Give yourself a chance. I firmly believe that God sends every child to this world with some purpose. By dint of hard work and perseverance, we can achieve whatever we have aimed to achieve. It is aptly said, “A child is the father of man”. Whatever you think, plan and execute today, will shape your future. You are going to be a valued future stakeholder, so plan well. Be a confident, committed and daring person. Prove yourself to be a positive, promising and contributing member of the society. Blessings and good luck!

Asis Kumar Mandal

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