Managed by DAV CMC, New Delhi-110055, CBSE Aff. No.: 3430152, School No.: 66347
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The school has Library Facilities with more than nine thousand Library Books of Students' interests. This Facility is available to all bonafide students of the School during the school hours. All classes from class I onwards are provided with at least one library period per week. Students are not allowed to bring their personal books in the Library. Students are allowed to borrow books on their own Library cards only.

The process of computerization of the school Library is already on, it will be completed shortly.

  1. Size of the Library in sq. feet: 1274
  2. No. of Periodicals: 07
  3. No. of Dailies: 05
  4. No. of Reference books: 350
  5. No. of Magazine: 20
  6. Others: 6040