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Rules And Regulations  
  1. Absence without leave is seriously viewed and in case of ten consecutive days of absence, name of the pupil shall be struck off the rolls. S/he would be re-admitted after s/he has paid all the dues with fresh admission fee and that too at the discretion of the Principal.
  2. Leave should be taken in advance or absentee note be sent through the student’s diary if the absence is on the compelling ground.
  3. All the students are expected to attend the classes on the opening and closing day before/after vacations. Absence because of sickness must be supported with a medical certificate. Students attending the school after suffering from an infectious disease such as measles, chickenpox, cholera, mumps, whooping cough etc. must produce a fitness certificate from the competent authority.


  • 75% attendance is essential for promotion to the next higher class as it is mandatory as per CBSE norms.
  • No leave is granted except on prior application from parents/guardians for genuine reasons.
  • In case of sickness, a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner has to be submitted. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained leave for six consecutive days renders a student liable to have his name struck off the rolls.
  • It is compulsory for a student to attend the school on the first day after Summer Vacation, Puja Vacations, Winter break and on all Saturdays.

Code of Conduct For Students

All the students are expected to conduct themselves as worthy citizens at all times in all places. The school insists on strict punctuality, regularity, cleanliness in dress and personal hygiene, general grooming and fidelity to study and work assignments. The students are to follow the instructions of the teachers and school authorities to observe school norms and not to violate the rules and regulations of the school.


  1. Withdrawals from any class must be preceded by a month’s notice in writing or one month’s fee in lieu of notice.
  2. All dues will have to be cleared off before a transfer certificate is issued.
  3. The school authorities may ask, without prior notice to the parents to withdraw the child from the school on ay one of the following grounds.
  • Academic: Constant neglect of studies or failure in the same class for two consecutive sessions.
  • Disciplinary: Those students whose conduct in the opinion of the principal is harmful in the interest of the school.

Guidelines for Parents


  • Use the school diary as a means of communication with the class teacher and check the diary for homework and the teacher’s remark if any.
  • Sign the test copies /papers, notices and circulars as and when sent home.
  • See that your ward has all the textbooks, items of stationery, craft materials etc .and all the books and notebooks are covered with brown paper.
  • Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair, and clean nails and with identity card / Transport Card provided by the school.
  • Send the children regularly and punctually to School No absence will be permitted without a leave application and latecomers will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Intimate the school in case of change in address, telephone numbers.
  • The parents/guardians must attend the parent-teacher meets.
  • General rules and fee rules may kindly be adhered strictly.


  • Do not send the child to school in case of an infectious disease and a medical certificate should be furnished from a medical authority at the time of rejoining the school after an illness.
  • Do not walk the classroom, or meet the teacher directly. Please see the teacher with a prior appointment through the Principal / in charge.
  • Do not send money or valuable articles with the students.

School Uniform For Girls

Summer: White shirt (Half Sleeve), Dark brown skirt (upto knees) Black Ribbon, salwar suit for Std. XI and Std. XII.

Winter (November to March): White full sleeve shirts, dark brown trousers, Maroon machine- knit plain V-neck pullovers and maroon plain blazers (From Class IX onwards)

P.T. Uniform: White skirt, White shirt, White Shoes, socks and white Ribbon.

School Uniform For Boys

White half-sleeve shirt, dark brown trousers (coffee colour), dark brown socks, Black plain shoes, Belt & Badge.

Winter (November to March): White full sleeve shirts, dark brown trousers, Maroon machine- knit plain V-neck pullovers and maroon plain blazers (From Class IX onwards)

P.T. Uniform: White shirt, white trousers,  White Shoes and socks.

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